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Survey for RoB at Tanaji Galli and Angol

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The officers from the railway department and City corporation did a survey of the area where Road Over Bridge is planned to be built at Tanaji Galli and the 4th gate at Angol.

This was just the first survey to understand the locality and see if any encroachments of land will have to be acquired for the RoB.

Officers felt no need to acquire any more land for the RoB at Tanaji Galli and also at 4th Gate Angol.

Now the department will make an estimate for the same and send for approval with the Railways.

This is just a survey and the actual work on this could commence only approvals in the last quarter of 2020.

A road overbridge is finalized at Tanaji Galli but at the 4th gate, they are still not sure if an RoB or an underpass would be feasible.


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