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Intense Resistance Emerges Against Proposed Indoor Stadium in Yellur Gram Sabha; Resolution Adopted

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The residents of Yellur have vehemently expressed their opposition to the government’s proposal of constructing a Indoor stadium on the grazing land of Yellur on the out kirts of Belagavi. In a unanimous decision, the resolution was passed during the Gram Sabha held on Monday. The residents also demanded that the indoor stadium be built elsewhere.

A Gram Sabha was organized at Sri Changleshwari Mandir in Yellur village this morning, representing the Yellur Gram Panchayat. The meeting was attended by B. Devappagol, the nodal officer. The Panchayat Development Officer (PDO) and Gram Panchayat office bearers were also present. During the meeting, a resolution was proposed to oppose the construction of the indoor stadium on the village’s grazing land, and it was unanimously approved.

Speaking on behalf of the villagers, former President GP Satish Patil urged the PDOs to promptly send the unanimous resolution against the stadium to the government within the next two to three days. He emphasized the importance of forwarding the resolution to the court and keeping an authentic copy, ensuring that the villagers are aware of its implementation. Additionally, Patil requested that if any surveys are conducted on the land, the Talathi or PDO of the area should immediately inform the Gram Panchayat President and Vice President. While acknowledging their obligation to the government, he stressed the need for transparency and keeping the villagers informed. The opposition to the indoor stadium in the grazing land of Yellur is resolute, and the residents will not permit its construction under any circumstances.

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Initially, a land area of 40 acres was deemed necessary. However, the current requirement has increased to 55 acres according to the department. A local survey indicates that only approximately 25 acres of land remain unoccupied, as the rest is occupied by a school, temple, hospital, and other establishments. This particular piece of land is also crucial for future projects, such as waste dumping or waste segregation. If this land is taken away, the Yellur village, with a population of around 35,000, will be left without any land for potential civic amenities in the future.

Satish Patil explained that today we are presenting a resolution that reflects the opposition of the Yellur Gram Panchayat and all the villagers towards the Indoor stadium, urging against its implementation.

The villagers, strongly oppose the relocation of Indira Nagar Marathi school, Hari temple, or the government hospital. We are firmly against the Indoor stadium plan. It is important to note that our opposition does not stem from a resistance to development. We stand in solidarity with the government in this regard. However, we request that the plan be implemented elsewhere, as the proposed Indoor stadium would adversely affect the farmers in our village, a resident said.

Following the presentation of the resolution against the Indoor stadium, the nodal officer, K. B. Devappagol, announced its unanimous approval. In addition to recommending the immediate suspension of the Indoor stadium plan due to the village’s opposition, he assured that the Gram Sabha’s resolution would be forwarded to the Collector and other senior officials for further action.

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