Ireland voting towards a YES – Irish abortion referendum


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There was an enormous voter turnout across Ireland yesterday – and it’s looking good for the Yes camp according to media reports. Early indications suggest Ireland is on the verge of legalising abortion.

Irish abortion referendum: yes wins with 66.4%

Yes campaigners are set to celebrate a landslide victory in the abortion referendum as early tallies point towards a huge 3:1 vote in favour of Yes.

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Not many in Belagavi would know Savita Halappanavar, but Savita is a household name in Ireland as her death was a defining moment in Ireland’s soul-searching on abortion.

The 31-year-old, who was miscarrying her first baby, was refused a termination in a Galway hospital five years ago. She died of blood poisoning. Halappanavar, a dentist from Belagavi, was 17 weeks pregnant with her first child when she sought advice at University Hospital Galway for intense back pain on Sunday 21 October 2012.

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  1. Very Very Sad for Mrs.Savita H. However this incident appears to a BLESSING IN DISGUISE for the future GENX of Ireland. Our Indian Origin, the Present Prime Minister of Ireland, Mr.Varadkar– RR-OO-CC-KKssssss !!!!!!!


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