It was a Liquid chlorine cylinder that blasted near Shivaji Garden


The tragic incident of a cylinder blast which occurred near Shivaji Garden, Shahpur near Bhatkande School was due to the blast of a Liquid chlorine cylinder sources said. The Chlorine was being transported to Udyambag to a factory from Honga. Experts said it could have blasted as this chemical reacts dangerously to hot weather.

chlorine cylinder blast which occurred near Shivaji Garden
chlorine cylinder blast which occurred near Shivaji Garden

Doctors said when chlorine is taken in excess, it destroys the mucus membrane, especially of the respiratory tract. It can affect normal daily breathing exercises, and feeding too. It means the victim can become incapacitated in breathing exercise because respiration will be altered. There will be respiratory distress.
About 50 odd people reported breathing problems and were treated in various hospitals.

This kind of cylinder carries liquid chlorine  Photo: courtesy Internet
This kind of cylinder carries liquid chlorine
Photo: courtesy Internet

In the blast that occurred Rajendra Baburao Patil of Shettygalli who was on his bike died on the spot. Eye witnesses say Patil tried to go near the vehicle (Tata Ace) to tell the driver that something was leaking and at that very moment the blast occurred in which he lost his life.

The condition of a 40-year-old woman is said to be serious.
The goods carrier was overtaking a car when it exploded. The explosion was so severe that the concrete structures around the place were partially damaged and the window glasses of some surrounding buildings were broken. Three persons in the car were injured as well.

The police are investigating into the matter and the driver was admitted a local hospital..


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  1. Police shall ban transportation of such all hazardous gases and material and other oversized
    material in vehicles and only be allowed in special purpose vehicles only
    now a days we see lot of cylinders and other oversized bars tranaported very easily without even fear and that too with overtaking other vehicles


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