Its always a crash at the Sub-registrar office Belagavi

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Citizens queuing up to register documents of agreements and property sale deeds faced immense distress again today as the Servers crashed or as the staff report Server is down.

This is not a new scene at the Sub-registrar office Belagavi, but the lethargic attitude of the govt towards the issue is more worrisome.

Sub-registrar office Belagavi, the highest revenue collection office for the Govt of Karnataka is in shambles. The files go missing, the staff on the contract is not paid, stationery not supplied.
Hundreds of citizens have to cancel many assignments due to the lethargic attitude of the Govt revenue department.

Sub-registrar-office-BelagaviRegistration of properties, joint development agreements, marriages, and a host of other services offered at the sub-registrar office at Belagavi has been affected since 3-4 days with not even a single application been processed thanks to server down.

In the first place that office if not better is very similar to a fish market. Dirt, uncleanliness, no seating for the old and icing on the cake is the server down.
Only the almighty can know what kind of systems are in place and how is that the server crash so frequently.

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