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Its time to be with Anna

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Anna Hazare’s hunger strike for the new Lokpal bill is taking the country by storm. When was the last time you saw the media covering 24×7 someone who is not glamorous and who is working for a cause.

A student from Pune quoted in Delhi, “ Anna is 73 and he is doing it for no one else but for the young generation.”

In Belgaum as well a group of people on day of the hunger strike did a hunger strike in Maruti Galli but nothing after that has happened.

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So does this mean that people of Belgaum aren’t interested in this fight against corruption. Not really Facebook updates are only regarding Anna’s dream making the nation free of corruption and fight for the Lokpal bill with the amendments he suggested.

Dont you all think this is the time to come forward and raise our voices against corruption. A country’s revolution began on Facebook and the internet. Why cant we all come together and fight this menace.

You may be speaking Marathi or Kannada that really does not matter, as both have to face the same corruption all over.

We all need to stand united and raise our voices, the youth mainly need to come forward as if this movement is successful by any means they are the ones who will benefit the most.

No political parties or leaders who organize big events to gather crowds will arrange any kind of protest against corruption or even show solidarity towards the fight against corruption.

We cant sit quite, and if we sit, then we should not complain.

Now is the hour!!!!! Come lets come together and fight this menace away (atleast give it a try).

Join Anna Hazare in fast unto death to demand anti-corruption law


5 thoughts on “Its time to be with Anna”

  1. However we need to ensure that the Lokpal Bill will include the following :

    1. A CBI Process to Facilitate seizure and forfeiture of property of corrupt public servants

    2. The facilitation of issuance of non-bailable arrest warrants

    3. Establishment of special anti-corruption courts in each district

    4. Appointment of independent prosecutors drawn from the Judiciary

    5. Establishment of an independent anti-corruption agency functioning under the overall supervision of the Judicial Council, CBI
    and the Lok Ayukta

  2. 6. Presumption of guilt on public servants in case of disproportionate assets and those who are caught red-handed while accepting

    7. Establish a Whistle Blowers Act to maintain the secrecy of Whistle Blowers and reward them through government grants.

    8. Establishment of CBI enquiry to suspend corrupt judges without Judicial Intervention. This will establish counterbalance on the
    Judicial System.

    9. A estblishment of a Anti Corrpution Customer Service Act which protects the commom man who reports the corrpution using a WEB
    gateway, telephone system or written complaints.

  3. 10. Establishment of a National Corruption Reporting System under the ministry of home affairs where cases of corrpution can be
    lodged with all revelant documents, photos, videos and proof of transactions.

    11. Establishment of a Public Disclosure Record Act which will enable the common man to view all documents related to registerd

    12. Anti Corruption Bill for Private Sector fostering business practices that promote transparent, ethical, and competitive
    behavior in the private sector through the development of an effective legal framework for commerce, including anti-bribery laws,
    commercial codes that incorporate international standards for business practices, and protection of intellectual property rights.

    13. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act which will generally prohibit foreign companies to issue corrupt payments to Indian officials
    and Politicians. Severe punishment must be enforced.

    14. Introduction of a Defence Corrpution Act which will ensure investigation/imprinosnment of Defence officials involved in
    purchase of weapons under the Ministry of Defence.

  4. Hey the whole belgaum is with Anna specially the youth it was great to see the belgaum youth on fire for anti corruption in the colleges belgaum stands with Anna jai hind


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