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Join fight against corruption in Belgaum on April 8

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Join in huge numbers to fight the corruption menace away.

On April 8th, 2011 morning 9 am at DC office a small Dharna has been organised to show the support to Anna Hazare’s fast unto death for the movement against corruption.

April 8th 2011

9am – DC office – Dharna

5pm – Chennamma Circle – Rally

Same day April 8th, 2011 at 5pm the Belgaum Chamber of Commerce is organising a Rally in support of the same cause of fight against corruption and all the workers from Udyambag and all dealers will participate in this rally to be held at Chennamma Circle.


14 thoughts on “Join fight against corruption in Belgaum on April 8”

  1. Go and first hit all the govt offices… ! Corrupt govt officials are like parasites in our society…. Right from peon to top management are rotten character.

  2. Belgaum is the worst place in the corruption field the politician beaurecrats are all corrupt and these corruption is encouraged by the citizens who has accepted it as a part of there life . In belgaum you cant do even a simple official work without greasing the palms of govt officials no body question them no body uses RTI thath why belgaum is the heaven for corrupt people first citizens should be sincere and obey the laws then only morraly they will be strong to question the corrupt. dear uday please take a lead in making citizens aware of their rights .and make belgaum corruption less and prosperopus

  3. belgaumis the most corrupt place and people are not bothered they fell its their birthright to demand bribe and people pay . govt officials want only belgaum as their posting the reason they know people will pay whatever demanded lets start using rti and send these corrupt officials to jail youth should come forward for these.

  4. DHARNAS ARE NOT GOING TO WORK — all indians should stop giving bribes to all the government employees ,these society bacterias are living royal life,if you see the houses of this people they have all the facilities,
    all government employees from peon to incharge officer should be raided in there houses and at once all of them if found more than their income should be removed from there duties and put in jail then only our society can be livable , these dharnas or what ever will not work, instead may be some officers again get a chance to have bribe from this dharnas

  5. Hello All,

    I just signed a petition to stand with Anna Hazare who has committed
    to fast-unto-death, unless the Indian government endorses the powerful
    new Jan Lokpal Bill to tackle the plague of corruption. Across the
    country people are joining this massive public outcry and the pressure
    is building. Click below to sign:

  6. DHARNAS ARE NOT GOING TO WORK— dharnas was for post independence, these government employees from peon to office incharge are not at all afraid they know there are hardly 2% maximum govt employees who dont take bribe, & no department in india is uncorrrupted from anti corruption dept. to gram panchayats are having open bribery systems. infact government job is the best bussiness in india unlike other countries. & it is not a joke those who dont believe should go to the homes of the govt officers they live royal livings they have spare plots and building in their wives name etc, , these employees also challenge no one can can get work done without bribe, all off these govt. employees should be raided & terminated from the services & whole new persons should be employed not suspended, by dharnas they get one more chance to have bribe from one or other means


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