Jakkeri Honda garbage dump

jakkeri honda belgaum
The Jakkeri Honda Belgaum

Savita Malbannawar shared her concern about the lack of cleanliness of the Jakkeri Honda behind Maratha Mandir hall.

The pond created for immersion of Ganesh idols is hardly cleaned and people just throw off everything in the pond and around it. A Nirmalya collection pot is kept besides the pond but the citizens prefer to throw the Nirmalya (flowers etc used for Puja) into the Pond itself along with the plastic bag.
The green layer over water is no way a good sign for the hundreds of residents nearby.

The Corporation cleans the pond once a year it is said and no one looks after its cleanliness the whole year round.jakkeri-honda1



  1. Up coming housing communities add to the garbage.It is better to clean every thing before rainy season and store clean water for drinking purposes and build a wall around


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