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Jewellers to intensify the strike ask for Excise roll back

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Belagavi Saraf Association has been agitating keeping all the shops closed for the past 18 days and have decided to keep them shut until the 1% excise duty is abolished.

Police was deployed at Kalyan and Joyallukas shops which were not ready to be a part of the Bandh now, but due to the pressure of the association they also did not open.

Belagavi Saraf AssociationOn Thursday an effigy of Arun Jaitley was also burnt at Ganpat Galli where a group is also a hunger strike.

The Association has asked for clarifications from the Excise department –

Is excise duty on ready stock as on 29 Feb 2016 should be payable immediately by taking registration?

What about sales returns and what is the procedure for getting credit for such transactions?

What value is chargeable as excise for the jewellery if customer supplies raw material?

Is all procedures must followed for moving stocks out of premises on approval basis?

Does it need to maintain separate records for excise paid stock and un-paid stock?

Is excise is applicable even on re-sale of purchases goods?

Is it need paying excise duty again if artisans repair already excise paid goods?
What about clearance on last date, especially on 31st March as most of jewellers work upto 9pm.

What if the transaction of meltars, stone settlers, press and dia-cutting people crosses Rs 12 crores. In that case who is responsible for maintaining the register?

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