Judge orders that Bus driver to be arrested in 24 hours

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In Suo Motu action taken by the judge of the Khanapur Court, the judge has ordered that the Bus driver who almost ran over the college students near Bekwad on Tuesday be arrested in 24 hours.


Justice Mallikarjun Madiwal in the Khanapur Court took Suo Motu cognizance of this event which happened on Tuesday at Bekwad cross in Khanpur Taluk where the bus driver Shaikh did not stop the bus for college students and as they even tried to come in front of it the driver did not stop but drove away.


Already the NWKRTC has suspended the driver from its services.

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7 thoughts on “Judge orders that Bus driver to be arrested in 24 hours”

  1. This is a kind of attempt to murder case, where the driver is playing with life and future of india,which is in the bright future of our young generation the driver should be punished rigorously for his offence.and made an example to other drivers also who behaves rudely with students….

  2. Kids/Children/Young generation often loose patience and fight to make the things correct.
    But persons who is already doing a mistake by not stopping the bus and on top of that again making one more crime by running over the bus, needs to be taken into custody and punished as per the law.

    But the problem hear is again some activists come into picture, he is poor/he is only bread earner for his family and was in frustration etc etc…..

  3. When we were in the school, our bus drivers were very good they use to stop the bus were every they see us. Thanks to those kind bus drivers of 1990’s in belgaum. But this drive should be punished such a way that no other drivers should think of doing this in his bad dream…

  4. Attention khanapurians
    We are lucky enough that we have judge like Mallikarjun Madival who can take Sue Moto action
    So kindly take mobile photos wherever curruption takes place send to

  5. Students while doing such type of protest they should take care of themselves if something bad happened who will take responsibility?


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