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After the Video went viral on Social media of a Bus driver almost running his bus over students who wanted the bus to stop has been suspended by the NWKRTC.

Yesterday at Bekwad in Kahanpur Taluka, a group of college-going students was waiting for a bus and on the arrival, they knew this won’t stop and tried to come in front of the bus to stop.
But in this case, the Bus driver Shaikh from the Dandeli Depot did not show any sympathy in stopping and just fled away and while doing this he could have run over the students.

The students say none of the buses want to take them as they have pass and they had to opt for this as the last measure.

The act of the students also cannot be applauded but the reason behind it is very important and why they had to take such a dangerous step.

Most buses don’t want to take students as they have a student pass. This is not a one-off situation and happens in Belagavi city as well and can be seen daily at RPD corner, Globe Corner, Rani Chennama Circle.

So this is not a one-off case where the driver won’t stop for the students.

The NWKRTC has suspended this particular driver but it looks like he has been made a scapegoat. The responsibility lies with the administration of the NWKRTC, when they issue passes to students it should be seen that there are more buses deployed during peak hours morning and evening. But that doesn’t happen over the years.
This issue is not new and many would have gone through this as well.
The NWKRTC must instruct all its drivers to stop at the designated bus stops which none follow, those officers sitting in their AC chambers must come out and see it is implemented.
The drivers/conductors get some commission and hence they deny to take students as they don’t get any, but why play with the life of the future of the country.

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7 thoughts on “That Driver of NWKRTC bus suspended”

  1. OMG, I was so scared while watching the clip. I had held my breath. I thought the driver run over that boy. Punish him hard bloody. My God how can someone be so inhuman. Play the same act with him.#MeToo has faced I don’t understand why the hell they don’t do their duty but ease to do such act and quarrel for bloody no reason. Nor do they stop at bus stops nor the even think once if that’s the last bus how would that gal/boy travel back home not humanity at all. They just wanna reach their home. Please, consider the request to provide necessary commute such that no such future incident occur. It was so scary.

  2. What the hell, didn’t he realize what could happen to the students. I understand there is pressure from department also to show revenue but that shouldn’t come at cost of ones life..Administrator equally responsible…Let the court eat up jobs right from top….


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