Jumbo Safari at outskirts of Kittur

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The fields on the outskirts of Kittur were tensed as a 7-member herd of wild jumbos comprising 3 cubs were spotted in the sugarcane fields in the outskirts.

Tension prevailed as the persons tried to shoo away the Elephants and they turned back. A huge crowd gathered near the spot and a few people tried to tease the jumbos with stones and bricks. The forest officials asked the people to be silent.

Sources say the Elephants made their way through Jambagi village entering Kittur outskirts near Tubug Kere (lake).
Forest officials tried their best to drive the jumbos away from the fields but the Jumbos are enjoying the Sugarcane company.

Tomorrow a bigger team of forest dept will try to drive away the Jumbos.

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