Kaash a crowd funded movie by men for the Women

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In the month of April 2015 the Gentlemen’s project initiative was commenced with the main motive behind the project was to create a content on women and will be funded by men.

Kaash is the crowd funded movie by men for the women.

Many of the celebrities endorsed the project for the unique idea. The team succeeded to cast Shwetha Tripati and Shashank Arora in the lead role. We also succeed to get the legend Piyush Mishra for voice over and music by Manish Tipu who is well known Bollywood music director.

kaash Gentlemen’s projectThe movie is about 7.5 min but it took us like 8 months to execute because we wanted best product to be executed within 2.3 lakhs of the budget.

The poster is already launched and getting a amazing response from the industry. Thy being from not film making we succeed to create the curiosity among the crowd. It is the first short movie which created lot of campaigns which helped the society to solve the problems.

The idea was to launch the movie and then change the mentality but we succeed to influence so many people before the launch of the movie. This short movie’s entire profit will be used for social cause .

Samarth Kadkol, a BBA graduate from CBALC Belagavi who has passion of making movies and always tried to live his passion when in College here is a leading the way to the ‘World’s First Men Crowd Funded Short Movie Project’ named as The Gentlemen’s project.

The Gentlemen’s project is an initiative started by students of Whistling Woods International, a film and media school founded by Subash Ghai. They have come up with a unique concept of creating the ‘World’s First Men Crowd Funded Short Movie Project’ to make and dedicate a film to the women of the society.

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