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Many of us don’t dare to dream big but a few Dare to Dream and; dream big. Samarth Kadkol, a BBA graduate from CBALC Belagavi who has passion of making movies and always tried to live his passion when in College here is a leading the way to the ‘World’s First Men Crowd Funded Short Movie Project’ named as The Gentlemen’s project.
The Gentlemen’s project samarth kadkol

The Gentlemen’s project is an initiative started by students of Whistling Woods International, a film and media school founded by Subash Ghai. They have come up with a unique concept of creating the ‘World’s First Men Crowd Funded Short Movie Project’ to make and dedicate a film to the women of the society.

Speaking to AAB, Samarth said

Initially, when we had a script for our short movie, we narrated it to many of our faculty members in our college and they were appreciative of it. This boosted our confidence and we were all set to knock doors of production houses. In the month of April we started a Facebook page with name ‘The Gentlemen’s project’. Within a time span of one week, we raised Rs.1,00,000 only for the idea of uniting men and making a short movie on women.

gentlemen-project-1Samarth further added

From an Uber driver to businessmen, we’ve seen contribution from all walks of life. As a part of brand awareness, we distributed a wristband with the tag of #imgentleman to all our male contributors. Till date, we’ve received around 2.4 lakhs which includes around 220 + men contributors across the country.

The project has managed to capture the attention from public figures like Subash Ghai, Raghu Rajeev, John Abraham, Raj Nayak, Salim Merchant, Pawan Kumar, Anil Kumble, Sunil Grover etc who have vocally supported our project by giving bytes.

As a part of the initiative, they have also started the ‘Gentleman’s act’ campaign on social media, where they pick up untold stories of brave men and their acts, that can serve as an inspiration to each one of us. Presently, they are going around schools and colleges in the city, spreading awareness about the importance of visual content to the youth of this country. Their motive is to pick up the social problems and give solution through visual content, which can influence people to solve it.

gentlemen-project-They shot the first short movie on 15 & 16th October starring Shweta Tripathi and Shashank Arora. They will be launching this short movie in the month of November and the profit will be used will for social cause. If Colleges like whistling woods international start supporting students it will easy for youth to get participated in social activities.

Robin Sharma, Panchami Nayak, Shanmathy Chackravarthy, Anvita Nair, Aasif Insaaf,Vihag Khare, Shweta Kulkarni, Ashwin Thomas Paul, Vaishak Menon, Kaushik S, Shradha Throat, Arjun Ganesh and other volunteers have been the backbone of this project.

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