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Kadamba buses take Anmod route

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With traveling conditions getting worse due to bad road on Chorla Ghat the Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd (KTCL) has decided to run 5 buses on Anmod route and 1 bus on the Chorla route from Wednesday to Belagavi.

General manager, Sanjay Ghate said we had been operating the Goa to Belagavi buses through Anmod ghat but had diverted them to travel via the Chorla. Now, we have restored the operations via the Anmod ghat from Wednesday onwards.

The forest department has allowed buses to travel via the Anmod ghat.

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5 thoughts on “Kadamba buses take Anmod route”

  1. अनमोडमार्गे बेळगांव वाहतूक.होऊ शकते तर हुबळीला का नाही?

  2. Thanks to GM Sanjay best decision you have taken. Request you to run all buses towards Hubballi &Bangaluru via Anmod

  3. R these buses come from Ramnagar to Khanapur Road Directly or Take Alternative route via Nagargali-Alnavar or Via Jaladhi Pls clarify this as we want to travel Goa from Bgm…But the Condition from Khanapur to Ramnagar was Very Worst..So pls Clarify regarding this.


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