Karnataka bans firecrackers during functions, allows green crackers

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By uday

Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, made an important announcement on Tuesday regarding the use of firecrackers during functions. In light of a tragic incident where 14 people lost their lives in a fire at a firecracker warehouse near the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border, Siddaramaiah held a high-level meeting with senior officials to discuss safety measures.

To ensure the safety of the public, Siddaramaiah declared a ban on the use of traditional firecrackers during political functions, rallies, processions, religious fairs, and marriages. He emphasized that organizers who violate this ban will face legal consequences. However, he did mention that the use of “green crackers” will still be permitted.

Green crackers are a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional ones. They are designed with reduced shell sizes, minimal ash, and fewer raw materials. Additionally, they contain dust suppressants to minimize emissions, making them less harmful to the environment.


Siddaramaiah stressed the importance of implementing the Supreme Court’s order, which mandates the sale and use of only green crackers. He highlighted the alarming number of injuries, particularly among children, caused by firecrackers. With Diwali approaching, he emphasized the need for strict action against the use of hazardous explosives.

In terms of regulations, Siddaramaiah mentioned that licenses under the Explosives Act are valid for five years. However, he proposed that licenses should be renewed annually based on the previous year’s performance. This would ensure that safety standards are consistently met. He also stated that all existing licenses will be reviewed, and those found to be non-compliant will be canceled.

In conclusion, Siddaramaiah’s announcement regarding the ban on conventional firecrackers and the implementation of safety protocols demonstrates the government’s commitment to public safety. By promoting the use of green crackers and enforcing stricter regulations, they aim to reduce the risks associated with firecracker-related incidents.

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