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Minister reviews facilities BIMS Hospital

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Public Works and District In-charge Minister, Satish Jarakiholi, announced that plans are underway to appoint staff and provide medical equipment for the new super specialty hospital in Belagavi city. These arrangements will be made after discussions with the Minister of Health Department, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Jarakiholi made this statement during his visit to the office hall of the city’s Institute of Medical Sciences (BIMS), where he inspected various matters, including the progress of BIMS’ educational programs and the construction of the hospital building.

Recognizing the abundance of nursing students in the district, consultations will be held with the Minister of Health at the government level. Jarakiholi assured that steps will be taken to address the staff shortage in the district hospital by recruiting new personnel promptly.


A notification has already been submitted to the government, requesting the appointment of necessary staff. It is worth noting that patients from neighboring states, such as Goa and Maharashtra, are seeking treatment at this hospital.

Dr. District Surgeon, RV Shinde, emphasized that the appointment of staff will greatly benefit patients coming from rural health centers, community health centers, and taluka hospitals to the district hospital.

Officials also revealed that, as part of the Prime Minister’s Ayushman Bharat Abhiyan, approval has been granted to establish a 50-bed intensive care unit equipped with essential facilities like MICU and ICU for emergency treatments. The construction work for this unit has already commenced, ensuring the provision of critical care services to those in need.

BIMS and the district hospital collectively have a total of 1040 beds. However, the current arrangement of the surgery and maternity departments is causing issues for both patients and students. To address this, BIMS officials have already submitted a proposal to the government for the construction of a 450-bed teaching hospital. This new facility aims to provide all necessary services under one roof.

In addition, the construction of a 100-bed mother and child hospital has been approved and is currently underway. Furthermore, BIMS is committed to offering round-the-clock services, including MRI, CT Scan, X-Ray, Micro Biology Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Pathology Laboratory, and Emergency Treatment Units.

To address environmental concerns, a water waste treatment plant has been established at the Institute of Medical Sciences. BIMS officials have completed the tender process for the maintenance of this unit and will assign the task in the coming days.

During the meeting, BIMS officials also highlighted the institution’s academic achievements, research activities, special accomplishments, ongoing construction projects, and staff performance.

Following the meeting, District In-charge Minister Satish Jarakiholi conducted an inspection of the new building works in various departments of the district hospital. He also assessed the canteen food system, the nursing students’ accommodations, the maintenance of the hospital garden, and the distribution of medicines and medical facilities across different departments.

MLA Asif Sait, DC Nitesh Patil and others were present.

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