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Karnataka Govt Announces Roll-Out Of Five Poll Guarantees

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By uday

On Friday, Karnataka’s Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, announced the implementation of five poll guarantees that were promised by the Congress party in its manifesto before the recently concluded assembly elections. The Chief Minister stated that the state cabinet had thoroughly discussed all guarantees and decided to implement them in the current financial year, without any discrimination based on caste or religion.

Gruha Jyothi —

200 units of free electricity per month to every household will be implemented from July 1. Arrears have to be paid by the customers.
So bills coming in August up to 199 units will be FREE.
12 months average and 10% above the average have been set as the criteria to fit in the scheme. So one can assume anyone getting bills for consumption of around 218 units (if their average yearly consumption was 199) will not have to pay anything.

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Gruha Lakshmi —

₹2,000 every month to every woman head of a family Scheme to be implemented from August 15. For Gruha Lakshmi, The application will be opened from June 15 to July 15 online and beneficiaries should submit their Aadhaar card and bank account details along with the application. the scheme would be launched on 15 Aug and it is for both APL and BPL card holders

Shakti –

Free travel for women in ordinary public transport buses across Karnataka. Women passengers can travel only within Karnataka not interstate. The scheme is excluding AC and luxury buses. The scheme will be implemented starting from June 11. 50% of seats will be reserved for men.

Anna Bhagya –

From July 1, the scheme will be implemented to distribute 10kg of rice every month to every member of the BPL family and Antodaya cardholders

Yuva Nidhi —

Rs 3,000 allowance to unemployed graduates, ₹1,500 to unemployed diploma holders every month for 24 months maximum who are in the 18-25 age group. This is for the unemployed youngsters who graduated in 2022-23. Transgenders are also included

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