Karnataka High Court says Compensate pothole victims

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Good roads are a fundamental right of a citizen and the BBMP should provide compensation to citizens who suffer any loss or damage due to potholes and poor condition of roads in Bengaluru, the Karnataka High Court has ordered, reports the Deccan Chronicle.

The division bench, headed by Chief Justice A.S. Oka, was hearing a PIL related to the pothole menace in Bengaluru city.

The story further mentions – Putting the onus on the Palike for accidents caused due to such circumstances, the court said that if any citizen makes any representation claiming loss or damage, it shall consider and award reasonable compensation to the affected. It also made it clear that the Palike will award compensation after getting satisfied with such claims.

After all, citizens are taxpayers and the life of taxpayers is not so cheap,” the court observed.

The court has asked the BBMP to make provision to report potholes and the same must be addressed immediately.

pot-holeIt is the duty of the Palike to make sure that the roads are well maintained and they are walkable and motorable, the court said, adding that that traffic police should bring potholes and bad condition of roads to the notice of the Palike. 

So this also applies to the Belagavi City Corporation.

The current situation of roads in the city has gone pathetic. There is not one road which is easily motor-able. Some agency or the other have dug up trenches and have not filled it and day after day trucks, cars get stuck.

The pot holes are growing in merry after the rains and some are as deep as a foot like the one at Dharmveer Sambhaji Circle.

3 thoughts on “Karnataka High Court says Compensate pothole victims”

  1. Appreciable decision from High court of Karnataka. At least now our NAGARA PALIKE improve the road condition & make it free of net oh pothole from the city, to avoid accidents and damages for life and vehicles.

  2. Y is such cheap material used in construction?Yru bringing our hard earned money paid taxes to no use n just fill ur pockets.Ru blind to not c such destructions y on the first place do u do it. Indian population is in millions Billings,We pay taxes in thousands n lakhs. And u still utters the same government is short of money. We have the right to ask where is r hard earned money paid taxes going?is it to your accounts? Greed cause lead u to do anything n everything. Please, be a human do good to the Earth don’t hurt it. Stop the greed. What u can do is take all the money to ur graveyard though their too u will be greedy. Do good n RIP.


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