Karnataka Rajyotsava: Honoring 25 Outstanding Individuals-Belagavi

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During the Karnataka Rajyotsava function held on November 1 at the district stadium in Belagavi, district in-charge minister Satish Jarakiholi had the privilege of honoring a total of 25 remarkable individuals from the district who have excelled in various fields, on behalf of the district administration.

Among the recipients of the prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava award were the Pro-Kannada fighters Panchakshari Srishail Hiremath of Belgaum, Raju Kubera Bavi, Bhavkanna Bhangyagol (captain), Suresh Lagamappa Gavannavara, Balu Erappa Jadagi, Mallesh Chowgale, and Mahantesh Turamuri of Bailahongal.

Furthermore, the district administration also recognized the contributions of nine journalists from different sectors of the media industry. Naushad Bijapur, a senior editor of the Indian Express newspaper, was honored in the print department category. Keerthanakumari Kasaragoda, a reporter of the Samyukta Karnataka newspaper, Chandrakant Sugandhi, a reporter of News-18, and Sridhar Kotaragasti, a reporter of TV-5, were acknowledged in the electronic media department.

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In addition, Salim Dharwadkar, editor of Nadoja Dina, was recognized in the district-regional newspaper editor category, while PK Badiger was honored as a press photographer. Sunil Gawade, a cameraman from Public TV, received the award in the TV cameraman category. Yallappa Talwar, a reporter from Raibag taluk, was acknowledged in the taluk reporter category, and Sivananda Anantarao Wagoodekar of Khanapur was honored in the press distributor category.

Moving on to the field of music, M.N. Satyanarayan, the founder and teacher of Belagavi’s Nada Sudha Sugam Sangeet School, along with Maruti Siddappa Sinappagola from Darur, Athani Taluk in the Kaivala Bhajan constituency.

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Santhosh Darekar from Belagavi Tilakwadi, have all actively engaged in social service.

Additionally, Sunita Dundappanavar from Tolagi village in Khanapur taluk has made significant contributions to sports, while Dr. Dadbanahatti from Hukkeri taluk has excelled in the medical department. Sukaladevi Virupaksappa Dugani, Sushila Patil from Koligudda in Athani taluk, Yallappa Hudali from Hudali, Kiran Bedi from Raibag taluk, and Murigeppa Basappa Malagara from Hallur village in Mudalagi taluk have all been honored in the Rajyotsava.

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Sunita Dundappanavar of Tolagi village of Khanapur taluk in sports, Dr. Dadbanahatti of Hukkeri taluk in medical department. Sukaladevi Virupaksappa Dugani, Sushila Patil of Koligudda, Athani taluk, Yallappa Hudali of Hudali, Kiran Bedi of Raibag taluk and Murigeppa Basappa Malagara of Hallur village of Mudalagi taluk were honored in the Rajyotsava ceremony.

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