Winter session in December

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The winter session of the Legislative Council will be held in December at Belagavi although the exact date has yet to be determined. DC Nitesh Patil has instructed officials to make the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth session.

Patil made these remarks while presiding over a preparatory meeting of officials and hotel owners held at his office on Tuesday in relation to the upcoming winter session of the Legislature.

Similar to previous sessions, various committees will be formed, including the Accommodation Committee, Food Committee, Materials Purchase and Printing Committee, Transport and Energy Committee, Health Committee, and Pass Distribution Committee. Patil emphasized that each committee should hold a preliminary meeting and begin preparations.

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Instructions for Room Bookings:

Accommodation must be arranged for representatives of the people, officials, and media personnel attending the session. Therefore, the District Collector advised hotels not to accept public bookings from the first week of December.

While the session is expected to commence on December 4, the final date has yet to be confirmed. A clearer picture will be available after November 6, and the dates may vary. Hotel owners were advised not to book rooms until further notice.

It is worth noting that hotel room bills were promptly and fully paid during the previous session. The same will be done this time without any delay.

Patil stressed the importance of maintaining cleanliness in the rooms and ensuring the quality of food. He emphasized the need to provide excellent hospitality to all attendees of the session.

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