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Disturbing calls while driving – Quick Tune Dialer is here

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By uday

Quick Tune Dialer is developed by Anthropic Softwares Pvt Ltd, based in Belagavi which detects that you are driving and then replies to the caller with a note.

The Anthropic Softwares Pvt Ltd founded in 2017, has been making remarkable strides in the field of research and development, with a focus on life-saving solutions.

In 2020, we achieved a significant milestone by obtaining a grant for our innovative solution aimed at reducing accidents caused by distracted driving, particularly due to mobile phone usage. This was a critical step in our journey to enhance road safety in our region. Furthermore, in 2021, we were honored to participate in the Elevate program and were thrilled to emerge as the winners. With the support of the government, we have received the necessary funding to advance our groundbreaking project.

Our Quick Tune Dialer project involves a pilot implementation of a driving safety technology, and we are delighted to inform you that Belagavi has been chosen as the location for this pilot. We have collaborated with the Belagavi District Officers to install our mobile application in their vehicles, making this a pioneering effort within our community.


The core functionality of our mobile app revolves around the safety of drivers. It automatically activates when a vehicle’s speed exceeds 10 to 15 kilometers per hour, transitioning the mobile device into a driving profile. In this mode, incoming and outgoing calls are restricted while the driver is in motion, ensuring that the driver’s focus remains solely on the road. However, in cases of emergency, if the app detects multiple incoming calls while the vehicle is in motion, it prompts the driver to stop the vehicle for safety reasons. Additionally, if calls are missed during this time, an automated SMS is sent to the caller, informing them that the driver is currently driving and unable to answer the call. When the driver comes to a stop, they are immediately available to take or make calls again, with an automated message sent to the callers to signify this change in status.

Distracted driving, particularly related to mobile phone use, is a significant concern globally. Recent surveys indicate that as much as 25% of accidents in this category can be attributed to the use of mobile phones while driving. Our solution aims to combat this issue head-on and contribute to the safety of our roads.

Quick Tune Dialer is the easy to use dialer for your android phone, powered with: Busy Profiles Management, Contacts Search, Call Log History, Beautiful Themes , Call Block, Caller ID:
• Set Current Occupancy level by setting busy profiles such as ( meeting , work , prayer, sleeping , unwell , withfamily , funeral , etc..) , where Calle can set any on given standard profile and caller will be informed through SMS and play back tune automatically with specified time by Calle.
• Emergency call management where allow emergency call despite the busy profile set. This emergency can be based on profile or as a whole.
• Caller ID and spam blocker
• Block calls – easily block unwanted calls
• quickly search by name & numbers
• Quickly call your frequently used contacts
• Beautiful themes available
• Setting to set Default SIM , Proximity Sensor , Wake on Lock etc..
• Open Profiles

• Identify unknown caller ID and block unwanted calls
• Block Spammers – identify phone numbers and block spam calls
• Find Out Who Called You if you missed an unknown call

• Dialer to detect the callee is either busy or free based on profile , plays playback tune of set profile , integrated with rich features on time of occupancy , when user will get free , notifications etc..
• Impressive emergency management system , which is based on profile as well as a whole.
• Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts
• Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers
• Quickly find the contacts you need

• One tap to call your favorite contacts
• On tap mark/unmark contact as emergency contact.
• Quickly call your frequently used contacts

To provide you with a clearer understanding of our technology, we have prepared a demonstration video, which you can view by following this link: Demo Video Link .

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