Katti’s North Karnataka state and political ambitions

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Umesh Katti has been in news for his statement on forming a different state named North Karnataka and he has reaffirmed his statements daily.

But why did he make these statements?

He made his first statement just before the inauguration of the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha, and then had said a separate state with Belgaum as its capital would help the development of the region. A couple of days ago in a press meet he added a new dimension to his new NK state saying inclusion of Kolhapur and Goa would make much better.

Statements made by Katti have it’s own political connotations in changing political scenario in Karnataka and he even claimed that this will help BS Yedurappa who is going to form a new party in December. 

Katti has said “The parties need Umesh Katti, whereas Umesh Katti does not need any political party” . He says, he had been elected to the Assembly while on different political parties as he enjoyed the support of the people. According to him, he just requires a party tag to get a pass to go to Bangalore.


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A good deal of may take this statement as his love for the NK region but it cannot be limited to the same as well. His political ambitions are very high and many say he plans to become the CM of this state, when created.

This is a win-win situation of sorts for Katti and new party to be formed by BSY where they want to give a message to the voters that a new state would give this region more development.

Many Kannada organizations have given a deadline of Nov 1 for the minister to take back his statements he has made.

The Congress is demanding to the Chief Minister, that he drops Katti for repeatedly making statements of separate statehood for North Karnataka. The BJP itself is not along with Katti and even the CM has said that There is no need for separate statehood for North Karnataka, which is developing at a fast pace.

Interestingly Prabhakar Kore has stood behind Katti and said that, NK has not developed as it should have and hence a different state will definitely help its better development. Also MLC Kavdgimath has spoken out in similar terms.

For the people of Belgaum what one’s needs to wait and watch is how many of the elected representatives go along with BSY’s new party which could infact define the future of Karnataka politics in the coming months.

Sighting problems of a split, sources from Bangalore have said that Govt. is trying to prep-one the Assembly session scheduled in December to November 18 or so to be held at Suvarna Vidhan Soudha.

With political ambitions above party lines, the coming months would be decisive for the BJP. Belgaum being a strong hold of the BJP for the past decade, Belgaumites would be more interested to see some developments in the city rather than just plain statements made keeping in mind political ambitions. 

Who is Umesh Katti:
Umesh Vishwanath Katti, Minister for Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka was born on 14-03-1961. He hails from Kadaklad village of Belguam District of Karnataka. He completed his primary and high school education from Bellada Bagewadi village and obtained Bachelor of Arts degree from Karnataka University, Dharwad. He has elected to Vidhan Sabha during 1985 for the first time and then continuously. 

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  1. This man is very greedy of power. lets find out first how much money this guy has made
    every day he is getting 2-3 crore cash in vehicle which is stored in a house.
    let lokayukta probe this issue.

  2. Katti has childish fantasies about Goa & Kolhapur. Question is: Why would Goa & Kolhapur even remotely consider such a possibility? Is this posturing before the supreme court verdict expected sometime soon???

  3. If in Andhra Pradesh Telangan people can claim seperate state for them then why not north karnataka people especially for Belgaum region. See we are not behind with minister Katti or supporting him . Its just voice of Belgaum & north karnataka people & we have strong reason behind this matter. All we people know that since 50 years our north karnataka region not developed as much as south its just all because of south people & politicians lobby. they devided this state into two parts south & north. its clear indicates that they are not at all intersted in development of this region just for vote we need them . Its right time to ask our demands & we people know how to fullfill our demands.

  4. yes mustafiz your correct. lets have online poll . Lets see how people favour in either Maharashtra or Karnataka or separate norht Karnataka state.. Uday I request you to take necessery action on this & gather people opinion.


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