KFC at Nehru Nagar Belgaum

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mixKFC, Dominos and Subway is coming to Belgaum town.

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There was an advertisement for requirement for team leaders in Belgaum for KFC at Nehru Nagar.
Sources told that KFC outlet would be at the new building next to Jirge Hall at the JNMC/KLE University campus at Nehru Nagar and the same is slated to open in the first week of November, 2013.
The said building is under construction and will also have other food brands such as Dominos, McDonald and Subway sources told this blog. However we could not get confirmation from others except KFC. 

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  1. Processed chikens and meets are contains lots of chemicals and preservatives which are not good It is scietifically proven ….. still people are behind the teste not on health conscious…


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