Khanapur road widening begins some protest

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The road widening of the  Khanapur from Mahaveer Bhavan to third gate was commenced by PWD this Morning.

The work was started from third gate where with the help of earth moving machines all those buildings which came within the 120 feet of road were demolished

There was protests by shop owners who had a stay and PWD officials said they have orders from Supreme Court and they have to implement the same.  However the buildings which has a stay were left and others were demolished.

This is a 5.5 kms stretch upto to Peeranwadi from railway over bridge for which 46 crores have Ben sanctioned. Speaking there MLA Saith said that all the small traders who lost their space would be allotted new space after the approval of the council meeting.

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2 thoughts on “Khanapur road widening begins some protest”

  1. Belgaum in devolopment every body should Co operate. Due to this co operation belgaum will grow and have more business and job opportunities available . Which attracts investor to invest here.

  2. We need development and road widening. Please let it happen fast. And to those who’s shops are lost should be provided with some other means for their lively hood. Please let development on this road and every where.


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