Khushi Angolkar and Reminika Yadav develop fertilizer using Human Hair

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Khushi Angolkar and Reminika Yadav, Class 9 students of Kendriya Vidyalaya-2, have grown vegetables using fertiliser developed from human hair, reports the New Indian Express.

The field experiments were conducted by sowing tomato, cabbage, and chili seeds and the results were encouraging.

The duo is doing their research at ICMR-National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Belagavi, under the supervision of scientist Dr. Harsha of ICAR for the past 4 months now. They also got guidance from scientists Sridevi Angadi, Pravin Yadahalli and Shantappa Varad of ICAR- KLE Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Mattikopp.

Human hair contains a good amount of nutrients required to enhance plant growth and they produced a liquid organic fertilizer.

Khushi Angolkar and Reminika Yadav develop fertilizer using Human Hair
Courtesy: New Indian Express

Their idea stood unique at the state-level children’s science event, after which they were selected for national children’s science congress. They are further confident of this formula as they used it in a 45-day process to grow spinach on the premises of Lingaraj College, adds the report by Sunil Patil in the New Indian Express.

They cultivated spinach in 24 plots ( 2m X 1m each). While 50% of the cultivated area was treated with their hair fertiliser twice, traditional organic fertiliser was used in the remaining 50% of the field. After 45 days, the duo was surprised to observe that the crop cultivated using their fertilizer weighed 2.3 kg and the spinach is grown using traditional fertiliser weighed just 1.7 kg.

The duo is further set to present their research works in the KV national children science competition which is scheduled to be held in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh on November 25.

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  1. Very commendable research. Excited that school girls have involved in such an agricutural based research..
    Take a bow
    I am now ready to go bald too!!!!!

    • A startup named Recyteq ( is doing that Commercially they are making Ready to use nitrogenous fertiliser from Human hair waste (their product is also available on Amazon).

      We need more sustainable solution in this Domain


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