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Kiran Thakur in the assembly Rally in Belgaum


This is the matter that was read by Kiran Thakur in the assembly.

“news.chennaionline.com” website has published some parts of the transcript of what Kiran Thakur the editor of Tarun Bharat said in the Assembly today.


The Editor of Tarun Bharat the Marathi Daily was summoned to the assembly today as it was ascertained that he was guilty of a breach of privilege of Two members of the house. A protest rally was also organized in Belgaum in this regard to support the editor by various organizations and later gave a memorandum to the DC.

According to the site :

Tarun Bharat Editor Kiran Dhondopant Thakur was today reprimanded in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly for his writings in his newspaper against Legislators Abay Patil and S B Ghatge.

When the House assembled, Speaker K G Bopaiah asked the Marshals to call Mr Thakur and when he came and stood in the House, the opposition insisted that he be made to stand in the Dock. As he was made to stand in the Dock, the Speaker called Mr Thakur to express his regret saying that the House based on a Privilege Committee report has called him to reprimand him. Mr Thakur red out his prepared statement stating that “at the outset, with humility, I would submit that the two legislators– Abhay Patil and Sham Ghatge– respected members of this House have blown the matter out of proportion. This step was unwarranted and uncalled for.” “I assert that I have high respect for this House and its Members. My newspaper has never published any material to undermine the dignity and supremacy of this House. Sir, news items carried by my newspaper were reports gathered by my reporters, mainly collected through the news agencies such as the PTI, the internet, public grievances and the court orders.

I humbly say and submit that my newspaper has not carried any matter which would lower the esteem of this House,” he added. Mr Thakur said as an Editor, he has always been conscious of the language used in his news paper and has never used any abusive or unparliamentary language either against the House or against any of the Members. “I have highest respect for this house and I will be at all times conscious to uphold the dignity of this House.” He admitted that being the head of several institutions, he had to rely on his subordinates and the editorial staff and therefore unable to scan each and every news item. “Hence, if inadvertently or even remotely any act or omission on my part has invaded the supremacy of this House, I assure this House that it will not be repeated,” he added. However, the Opposition parties insisted that Mr Thakur should express his regret and merely assuring not to repeat is not acceptable.

Following which the Speaker asked Mr Thakur whether he expressed his regret. Mr Thakur said, “I regret and assure it will not be repeated.” When members stated that the House should explain that the issue was in any way concerned with language or border issue with neighbouring Maharashtra. The Speaker said “this issue has no relation to any other issue, whether language or other. People in Belgaum and living in bordering villages are living in harmony and should continue to maintain peace and harmony.”


The Above matter has been shared as it has appeared in the source. We have not added anything on our own. The PTI has also written on the same and u can read that on this link.



  1. Thanks for publishing the copy of statement read by Mr. Kiran Thakur in the Karnataka Vidhansabha. This will help to clear the doubts of people in their mind.

  2. Its an absolute disgrace. Cowardly act by a draconian government. Shameful act by Karnataka lawmakers. Ashamed to say I belong from this state. Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech and Expression. We are a democracy only in letter but not in spirit. Disgusted!


  4. God What a Drama hosted by the so called protesters of belgaum makes one laugh at the issue. If the protest was conducted for something more valuable – example child sexual abuse did any of the protesters know that despite India gaining so much name, fame and wealth in the century there are no laws at all to punish the child sexual abusers???????. People of belgaum wake up and do something useful rather than squabbling for stupid things.


    • Brother,

      Tarun Bharat is the voice all the people living in and around Belgaum. Tarun Bharat will stand behind every belgamite irrespective of class, colour , religion and language. The yesterdays rally was fight against injustice. I think you are not reading the activities of MLAs. They are land mafias. First you be a regular reader of Tarun Bharat and then only you give comment like this. they cover all the important issues like child abuse, hukka party, rash drivings, injustice against women etc., The 15000 to 20000 public participated in the rally are not stupid people, Mr. suresh Hundre, MD of Polyhedron, President of Ekal Vidhyalaya. he is not a stupid man. He is the leader of the rally. don’t comment like this. You are insulting the feeling of 20000 people who attended the rally.

  5. ಉಪ್ಪು ತಿಂದ ಮೇಲೆ ನೀರು ಕುಡಿಯಲೇ ಬೇಕು,,,,

    He did,, he wrote,, he got screwed and now apologizing,,,, saying sorry,,, I will not repeat it etc,,,
    Kiran takhur ,,, was it required ?

    Be honest and be clear media’s ,,, else this will happen

    • Hey Dude,

      What occurs has to be reported to the people of Belgaum and thats what Tarun Bharat does no matter whether the matter is related to any MLA or any political party. People should know the Truth.

    • Bhaiyajee,

      Gandagi Saaf Kanneke liye, Khdudako Gandagi me utarana padata hai. Gatar ke upar baitake bate karana aasan hai. we are prod of Kiran Mama…….! He is Honest and clear , Tarun Bharat is near to complete 100 years. It is not a Joke. Mind it. Zehar Pine wale ko hi vishkanth kahate hai.

  6. MLA Abhay Patil is the same MLA who slapped the chairman few months back and a big big rally was conducted for him .. did he appologise in any case to the chairman .. and why are these cases not been taken in the house so quickly .. Common man needs to decide on some things soon

  7. Mr Kiran thakur and his paper has alwasy created a divivde amongst people and written may things which have only benefited him by increasing the sales. Look at his property swelling in last few years, it is all money earned by boiling blood of marathis as well as kannadigas. He has never written a constructive article for the city till date as far as i remember. He is least bothered about border or any issue but interested only in sales promotion. Intelligent guy!

    • Very True….Kiran Thakur is taking the Maratha’s for a ride…..I have seen the same people who talk about Marathi interest in public the same people fighting for the BJP, Congress and JD[s] tickets during elections….

    • I 100% agree the drama done by Kiran Thakur and Abhay patil.
      Belgaum’s common person will not be benefited from this in dreams also.
      Kiran Thakur will take advantage of this and he will open more co-operative society’s and push Marathi peoples in debt, on other side Abhay Patil will occupy some more lands illegally.

    • I agree with your comments.for all the protests organised for him,kiran thakur would be inwardly thanking karnataka for giving him an opportunity to amass wealth coz if belgaum was in maharashtra,he would have stood no chance against the thackerays and pawars.

    • Hey pavan,

      I guess there are 2 reasons for your coment. One either u dont read Tarun Bharat or else you dont understand Marathi because each and every day there are so many articles about the border dispuit in Tarun Bharat.

  8. if kiran thakur has not appologised then why had he gone to vidhan sabha for site seeing 🙂
    i had seen him saying sorry it was shown live on news9

    • Hey Dude,
      I guess u are a member of the Parliament as it appears as though u were there to see the proceedings. Anyways when a Parliament House call u for a hearing you have to be present there to show respect for the House. The result for the proceedings is another part.
      Yeh Bade Bade Logon ke Batein Hain Tumhare Samaj mein Nahi Aayenge!!!

    • He has not gone for site seeing. He respect the Constitutional Institutions. Govt of Karnataka summoned Mr. Kiran Thakur and he appeared before the house. The news shown tn the TV9 is fabricated , The have not shown the complete telecast. They shown only sorry the last word. for detail news please read today Tarun Bharat . They have published the statement read in the house.

  9. You have badly reproduced the facts. Shri Kiran Thakur has not apologized. The question of him apologizing does not arise at all.

  10. Hi there would like to point iut a correction that kiran thakur did not appoligize. He said he would investigate in to the allegations and hold the staff member responsible. He had only appoligized for not being present during the court summonings.

    • We have shared the Source of the news, you can question them, We did try to get the original transcript of the written statement that Mr.Thakur read out in the assembly, if you have the same please share or mail it us we would be glad to share the original statement read in the assembly.

  11. It is a victory for the freedom of Press. It is victory for the people of Belgaum fighting against corrupt MLAs of belgaum. The Vidhan Sabha has set aside the case put up by the 2 MLAs. Hence it shows how weak and superfluous their case was. I hope the people of Belgaum continue to come out in the open like this and fight against injustice.

    • Victory to freedom of press! LOL.. It wud have been a victory had the editor Mr. Kiran Thakur wud not have tendered his apology. After making such a hue and cry about the issue, and mobilising people by playing the ‘marathi’ card, he backed off like a coward. SHAME!

  12. You have badly reproduced the facts. Shri Kiran Thakur has not appologised. The question of him appologising does not arrise at all.

    • If you have the same please share or mail it us we would be glad to share the original statement read in the assembly.

  13. The news you have given above is far from the truth. It is completely concocted and misrepresented. Mr. kiran Thakur has not appologised. Please be careful in future about giving correct analysis or news.

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