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Kiran Thakur of Tarun Bharat summoned by Karnataka Assembly

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Kiran Thakur, editor of the city based Tarun Bharat news paper has been summoned by the Karnataka Legislative Assembly to appear before it on July 30 and reprimand him for breach of privilege of two members.

A motion was unanimously was passed for this by the house on Monday. Besides summoning him for “maximum reprimand,” the Assembly decided to recommend to the Press Council of India to derecognise the daily, and also asked Mr Thakur to tender a public apology to Mr Abhay Patil and Mr S.B. Ghatage, the two MLAS who had lodged the breach of privilege complaint in May this year.

Belgaum south BJP MLA, Abhay Patil had complained to the speaker about Tarun Bharat had been publishing baseless reports tarnishing his image for over the last three years . He had said the paper had published reports accusing him of grabbing land on the pretext of widening roads, and trying to demolish a Marathi school. He had alleged that the paper blamed him for creating tension between Kannadigas and Marathi-speaking people.

Ghatge, a Congress MLA from Kuduchi of Raibagh taluk, Belgaum, had alleged that a report in the paper had accused him of swindling money from a school run by him.

“Few black sheep” had brought a bad name to the entire media fraternity was said by Law and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Suresh Kumar.

Kiran Thakur has no decided to take the matter to the Supreme court.

21 thoughts on “Kiran Thakur of Tarun Bharat summoned by Karnataka Assembly”

  1. This is what you get in return for doing DUTY in “Democracy”….
    ~~100 me 80 beiman phir bhi mera desh mahan~~

  2. The media may be heralded as the fourth pillar of democracy, but has lost respect due to the sensationalization of news items. The media must REPORT and not OPINE. Screaming headlines draw a few voyeuristic readers but sabotage the purpose of reportage. It’s a lesson in how not to win battles and lose war.

  3. Dear All,

    Please note some of the people who always thought for their own benefit, when it comes to belgaum matter it is true. The border issue which had been kept alive because of ” Tarun Bharat” who always thought about his own benefit. for selling his editions.

    In belgaum Kannadigas and Marathi people are living like brothers. But is is Tarun Bharat always created problem by writing against Karnataka Govt and Kannadigas. It never thought about the images about the Belgaum and always communicated to Mild Marathis for his own benefit. If he is really katta maratha then why he used to publish Karnataka govt advertisements in his paper that to in Kannada.

    If tarun bhrat think that it is the protector of entire maratha community and it can mold them as per its own writings, it is wrong. We do believe the Newspaper media should be always show the mirror of the society by writing and publishing the reality. It never did the same and never followed this principal. Instead of jointing the Kannadigas and Maratha people it always created quarrel between these two communities. I am extremely sorry to say it never published the reality about the Belgaum Border issue.

    It is not in favor of Karnataka Govt or Kannadigas, but it is in favour of reality, sincerity, honesty which we are expecting from the News paper, let it be kannada, marathi or any other language.

    I would prefer Tarun Bharat should be Cultural Representative between Kannadigas and Marathi people.

    Hope it will come out with realisation of mistake which it is following.
    Now the time has come it should accept the reality.

    • Dear Vithal, My question to you is, who provide inputs to this newspapers? Is it not the the foolish act of Karnatak Govt/Amdinistration. Has this newspaper sustained in business for 94 years only by publishing fake & provocative news? (as said here by some readers) Do you think the 1.5lakh people reading this newspaper are fools?

      Please don’t be over sensitive towards this Newspaper daily. Pass comments / Give Expert-opinion on what you read (Newspaper). don’t just beat around the bush.

  4. Where are the Days when Baal Gangadhar Tilak and other Freedom Fighters who themselves were News Paper reporters and Editors and were working for the benefit and integration of United India during pre- independence Era.

    To quote an example of TV news Reports ;instead of showing and educating on Rain Water harvesting, Canal irrigation etc they always say ” Baarish nahi hogi to kya hogaa? Sarkar kya kar rahi hai? koi aandolan kyon nahi?

    Dost Sarkar bhi aap aur hum banatey hai.

  5. People and society may be silent but are watching every move of MEDIA,,, As CITIZEN and VITHAL said,, Media has to wake up and work transperant,,,, Filling negative thoughts and openions in society for commercial reasons is not less that DESHDROHA,,,,

    Wake up people,,,,

    • Thanks to KARNATAKA GOVERNMENT…for backing the corrupt politicians and questioning the people who tried to expose their corruption.

      Great Keep it up….. What else can we expect form this Kar-natak Goverment.

  6. Hope Mr. Kiran Thakur and editors of Tarun Bharat read all these comments and try and be better in building a better community and city.

    • Congress-BJP hand-in-hand to take action against newspaper for exposing their corruption??? Truely India is great!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The act of Govt shows who much they are afraid of this Marathi Daily. it wants to just silence the voice of Marathi people. It reminds me the period of per-independence where British Govt use to try silent the News Media under false allegations & use pressure tactics. (Not a right example to quote, but I am helpless) Its the victory of Marathi People in the struggle of their Demands. Few months ago the whole of the city was it one against the MLA. Why not action against all the organization who called for the bandh? Why going Tarun Bharat?
    The Govt was, is and will be against the Marathi speaking people of disputed area. It is working with a sole motto of Kannadaising the disputed area in the name of Belgaum.

    Such acts of Govt & few other pro-kannada organization are to “provoke” the Marathi people & later blame them saying they are against development, anti-national, some-one said below ‘DESHDROHA’ etc. etc.

    SHAME!!! SHAME!!! SHAME!!!

  8. I totally agree with Mr. Vithal , tarun bharat always sold by making language and communal issues,
    amphasizing on roits, never gave news always imposed his kachra – rotten thoughts, kiran thakur is just opposite of what his name means he is not kiran he is dark, his all wealth and property shall be seized and tarun bharat shall be closed by court order, he should be sent to jungle to establish his marathi nature, he always tried all his level best to widened hindu -muslims in belgaum, so that his paper sell

  9. A news bite from DNA: Thakur refuted all the allegations, and stated that when he had appeared before the privilege committee of the assembly, he was not allowed the services of a translator, as he did not understand Kannada. He also stated that both the MLAs had refused to speak to the paper and the paper had published news based on facts.


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