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Kishan and Prasad Thorat from Belagavi performed at America’s Got Talent

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The siblings, Kishan and Prasad Thorat of Belagavi, India, boarded three flights and spent more than 26 hours traveling to make it to the talent show’s last open call in Phoenix. They originally intended to show off their body-balancing skills at the Feb. 3 Los Angeles audition but were held back with visa problems.

The Thorat brothers demonstrated their physical endurance and concentration in the Indian iteration of the “Got Talent” franchise last year and performed stunts more than 20 feet above a stage. Saturday’s rendition, however, kept their feet on the floor of the convention center to wow American competitors with their talent.

Kishan Prasad Thorat America's Got TalentThe Phoenix Convention Center was abuzz Saturday as hundreds of amateur performers swarmed for camera time and a shot at fame on “America’s Got Talent.”

The stunning end to the minutes-long performance was when Prasad, 23, gingerly balanced an upside-down Kishan, 21, on his shoulders. The pair said they learned to do acrobatic tricks watching videos online eight years ago and have performed blindfolded and while standing on a 4-by-4 plank. 

“We’ve already been a part of ‘India’s Got Talent’ and have come all the way here to be on the No. 1 talent show in the world,” said Prasad. 


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