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KLE Kore Hospital commits to investigate delay in admitting accident patient

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hospital-clipart-emergency1On Thursday 30-10-2014 Girish Maliye an industrialist and a cycling enthusiast was hit by a tipper near Argan Talav Belgaum when he was cycling on his daily route. An ambulance was called and taken to a private hospital where he wasnt admitted as there was no relative to sign the form and hence the ambulance made it to another private hospital where again he was not given timely treatment. Girish’s legs were broken and he was profoundly bleeding and this could have been the cause of his death.

There was chaos this morning at KLE hospital as aggrieved well wishers of Girish broke glasses at the emergency. It was only after their protest that the KLE’s Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital issued a written commitment.

With regards to the same the KLE’s Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital has issued an “Written Commitment” with its seal saying “There was some delay in admitting a patient and the negligence in the administration with regards to an accident patient Girish Maliye would be thoroughly investigated. The commitment further promises strict action against including administrative and legal action against all the people involved in the episode. The investigation would be completed as soon as possible.”

As per the norms laid down under the Medical Council of India (MCI) guidelines, the MCI and the Ministry of Health will issue norms to hospitals on admitting accident victims, specifying that those accompanying them should not be detained or asked to pay fees. Hospitals, which don’t comply, could have their licences revoked. Now an executive order has to be passed to this effect.
So will any action be initiated or will this be just another investigation.

3 thoughts on “KLE Kore Hospital commits to investigate delay in admitting accident patient”

  1. Nonsense, they will commit for investigation, they will sack some joker somewhere and save their skin, the MCI should impose a heavy fine immediately but alas with such a Big name will it happen ? Also what about the first Hospital which refused help to Him ?

    • KLE was the first hospital they took him to, which refused to admit him. Upon repeated requests from the victim himself, they didn’t admit him with a thought that ” How can a Cyclist be able to sustain such big expenses..?” .. The Victim was in grave pain and was insisting the concerned people at KLE that he was diabetic and needed immediate treatment for his bleeding… The KLE staff didn’t even bother about this…

      After this alone, the Ambulance took him to the nearby Vijaya Hospital which didn’t have adequate facilities to treat this person, and later was asked to go back to KLE again. By then, Girish had almost lost the battle.

      The only problem what we, residents of Belgaum have no choice other than KLE for specialty treatment. No wonder they have a monopoly and end up getting away with whatever mistakes (grave ones) they do.

      Dr. Prabhakar Kore too, is least interested in the feedback given by his patience.. I myself have visited this hospital several times and seen the way the hospital staff treats its visitors and patients. Trust me every word than that i say… Some patients are treated worse than a street dog..

      The way this hospital makes tons of money is thru MD Intern/Students who pay a lot of donation (some in excess of 1Cr).. that’s the way these guys make money.. on the paper, they claim that the hospital doesn’t make profits.

  2. The hospitals must be made to pay heavy compensation to the victim’s family. Cases must be registered against them and they must explain why their licenses should not be revoked.


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