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indian-railwayThe train will be flagged off by Shri Pralhad Joshi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament(Dharwad) and Shri Suresh Angadi, Hon’ble Member of Parliament(Belgaum) at HUBLI RAILWAY STATION at 11-00 a.m. on Saturday, the 01st November, 2014.

These INAUGURAL SPECIAL TRAINS will run on 01st Nov.2014 (Saturday) with Open Timings.

The details of REGULAR SERVICE TRAIN TIMINGS are as follows :–

Train No.56921 HUBLI-BELGAUM FAST PASSENGER will depart at HUBLI at 18-00 hrs and arrive BELGAUM at 21-30 hrs. on the same day, with effect from 02nd Nov.2014.

En route, the Fast Passenger arrives/departs at Dharwad at 18-18/18-20 hrs; Mugad at 18-29/18-30 hrs; Alnavar at 18-48/18-50 hrs; Tavaragatti at 19-09/19-10 hrs; Devarayi at19-24/19-25 hrs; Londa at 19-43/19-45 hrs; Khanapur at 20-29/20-30 hrs. and arrives/departs at Desur at 20-49/20-50 hrs.

In the return direction, Train No. 56922 BELGAUM-HUBLI FAST PASSENGER will depart at BELGAUM at 06-00 hrs. and arrive at HUBLI at 09-50 hrs. on the same day, with effect from 02nd November, 2014.

En route, the Fast Passenger arrives/departs at Desur at 06-09/06-10 hrs; Khanapur at 06-24/06-25 hrs; Londa at 06-58/07-00 hrs; Devarayi at 07-29/07-30 hrs; Tavaragatti at 07-44/07-45 hrs; Alnavar at 07-53/07-55 hrs; and Mugad at 08-24/08-25 hrs; and arrives/departs at Dharwad at 08-48/08-50 hrs.

The Fast Passenger will have total 11 coaches, consisting of One Second Class Sleeper coach, Eight General Second Class coaches and Two Second Class luggage-cum-brake Vans.


  1. To Sri Suresh Angadi ji, when will you get us the straight line from Hubali-Dharwad to Belagavi? even if you start 10 trains via londa no use. the current route take more than 2 and 1/2hr minmum where as by road it takes 1 hrs.

    Please understand the long pending people’s need.

  2. Early morning at 6 from BGM is too early. This train should make 2 trip in day then only it ll be useful. And most important YPR to MRJ train must run daily. We all have to make a request to our Ministers to make this happen. Request AAB should join hands to this and support.

  3. 1.5 hrs by road and close to 3.5 hrs by a fast passenger, who are these ministers kidding ? In an age where time is money, railways think people of Belagavi have no better work in life than spend 4 hrs in a train to reach Hubli.

  4. Hubli Mumbai Via Vijaypur Solapur ,a separate Train by Public Demand from that region,
    Along with that Railway minister has promised to Increase the frquency of Via Belgaum Train from Weekly to Daily as well as Change in timings to reach Mumbai at 7 am

  5. There is no meaning in adding/increasing number of trains between BGM-Hubli, until and unless a direct track via kittur is laid out.

  6. There are enough buses for hubli dharward which are comfortable affordable and faster . No use of spending 4 hrs in train unless and untill u have no other work todo hehehehheh 😀 . Plz start train from Pune-bgm-pune or mumbai-bgm-mumbai where traffice is huge atleast on weekends is enough.

  7. It needs to be one train from belgaum (START FROM LONDA) to pune /MUMBAI, because heavy rush from belgaum on words up to pune & back it is convenient for karnataka & maharashtra border people’s the timing should be between 8pm to 10 pm & 7pm to pm on return journey from pune . It will help to reduce heavy rush trains like goa express. & all Mumbai & Delhi bond train. For convenient of general public and woh won’t get reserved ticket and people going towards goa etc

  8. ABOVE TRAIN FLAGGED TO START FROM at 21-30 hrs. on the same day, with effect from 02nd Nov.2014


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