Did you know Belagavi also as IT park without IT ofcourse

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Well yes, even tough Belagavi has been lacking quality infrastructure the KSSIDC and its foresight has given Belagavi an IT park way back in 2008-09 at Desur about 15 kms kms from the city towards Khanapur.

In July 2010 we had written Belgaum IT park cum grazing ground and even after 7 years nothing has changed at the Desur IT Park, except that the trees and bushes have grown bigger, concrete roads have some cracks, the boards mentions the Cross road have fallen in some places.
KSSIDC and its foresight has given Belagavi an IT park way back in 2008-09 at Desur on 41 Acres 19 guntas land on Belgaum – Panaji Road (about 1500 Mtrs. off NH4A).


Cattle grazing in the IT park
IT park has roads built in but no takers

42 acres land that has been used for this park has now all the basic amenities required like roads, water tanks etc but No IT companies since 2008.

The IT (Information Technology) park built in Desur which never took off from its basic incubation stage thanks to many reasons will now also hold other small scale industries in 2013. In July 2013, the DC had ordered if other industries want to set shop they should be permitted.

But we arent sure but nothing has moved there even after this and the grazing ground continues to be the same. The Assembly session is been held here, the politicians must take up such issues and take it to a logical conclusion.

IT Park Belagavi at Desur
IT Park Belagavi at Desur
Clear cut laid down roads and naming

The IT fraternity in Belagavi is very small and niche. The BPO sector voice and non voice again is not having huge capacities.
What the IT fraternity really needs is a single complex may be on the outskirts of the city where it will be a one stop solution for them, where they can get leased spaces with good connectivity and power back up.

The Akshay IT park in Hubballi is heart of the city and now is very decently occupied. Similar approach must be taken up and if the IT ministry can set up such a novel project in Belagavi it will also help entrepreneurship and brain drain can be stopped. There are thousands who after their engineering shift base to Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and other cities. Many who have registered offices in Belagavi also operate from other cities due to lack of human resource.

This is a vicious circle, someone will have to stand up and create a startup space for small and medium upcoming entrepreneurs to set shop here and then inturn try and retain the brain drain.

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  1. We badly need IT companies to be located here.We badly miss Belagavi. Please plan the city wisely keeping future in mind. Please please plase don’t make it 2nd Bengaluru with no metro facility hours waiting to reach destination it seems to be half our life s spent on bus stand and travelling. As belagavi is declared as smart city please plan the city in such a way that people must WOW it around the world plan it n develop slowly. Many working people prefer metro to travel thats the best option ever. plan ring road such a way that it must not block the metro plans to if metro provided people would prefer metro travelling. metro must reach every corner working places connected.unesscary don’t build ring road instead metro’s would be ideal. make n keep the city green n clean. We love bealgavi its beautiful always try to enhance the beauty. Ask the city people to whats best ask young minds involve them . Let this assembly session bring up this topic n start working onto it n not just spent these days to chill out here. IT companies to be setup in belagavi very very much indeed needed.
    Please spread these words to people working for smart city belagavi. Im pissed of staying in these metro city may n me too miss belagavi badly. Please do something its high time. we need the change n v r the change stand for it


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