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Know the time frames of govt services under the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act

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151 listed services by 11 departments, including revenue, urban development and health and family welfare and home department, won’t be delayed. But if it happens, the petitioner is eligible to claim a compensation of Rs 20 per day.

Under the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens’ Act (2011), the government has fixed deadline for all the listed services. Accordingly, if the officials concerned delay or default in delivering those services, the petitioner may appeal to the competent officer and also seek compensation for the delay.

The act says, “Every citizen shall have right to obtain citizen related services in the State in accordance with this Act within the stipulated time specified in the Schedule.

Every designated officer and his subordinate public servant of the Public Authority shall provide

the citizen related services specified in the Schedule to the citizens eligible to obtain the service, within

the stipulated time and also display the same on the notice board of their offices.

Liability to pay compensatory cost– Every designated officer or his subordinate public servant

who fails to deliver the citizen related services to a citizen within the stipulated time shall be liable to pay compensatory cost at the rate of twenty rupees per day for the period of delay subject to maximum of five hundred rupees per application, in aggregate, if there is no ban or restriction from the Government to provide the same.

See the time frames set for various services in the schedule:

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