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KPTCL road is getting smarter but slowly

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The KPTCL road Nehru nagar was the first road selected to be converted into a Smart road under the smart city project and also this was the first project to be undertaken under the Smart city project.

Now that a year has almost completed the road is yet not ready nor even close to been ready. The work on the same was began on December 3, 2017, and ever since then it has been making very slow progress and many a times the UG cable of HESCOM was damaged by the workers here on the said road.

Two roads will be converted as Smart road the KPTCL road and Mandoli road at a cost of Rs. 20,38,78,736.38  in about 12 months from today.

kptcl-roadWe dont have the exact amount to be utilised for KPTCL road as the tender was floated in common for two roads, KPTCL road and Mandoli road. Work on Mandoli road hasn’t picked up at all and has come to a stand still.

Work on KPTCL road is in progress but at a snails pace.

Commuters face a huge headache as this road is closed for almost year now.

The Work will have to be executed as per relevant MORTH, IRC, KSRB detailed specification & national building code & as per the relevant bureau of Indian standard specifications.

Roads will have a footpath, Cycle track on both sides along with dedicated space for UGD/OFC/ Power lines and utilities and the carriage way in the centre.

The road will have paved shoulder, drainage, pedestrian path, bicycle track and space for drawing public utility lines that includes telephone cables, electricity lines and drinking water supply pipeline on either sides along with a Green Belt.

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  1. If the work will progress like this to make Belgaum a smart city,Till the time Other cities will become hitec cities. And Belgaum will be smart city.

  2. Smart city Belgavi has yet to find smarter people in development of projects from start to finish. Scientifically speaking, brain dead individuals usually have no capacity to start or finish anything at all.


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