4 teens drown in Savgaon lake

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In a shocking incident, as many as 4 teens were drowned in Savgaon lake this afternoon, the police have now traced the bodies and are in the process of identifying them. 

According to the police, one of the youths who has drowned was Sahil Benake aged 16. 

There were two activa scooters parked near the lake with clothes and four pairs of shoes, the 4 pairs of shoes has made the police say it could be 4 persons who could have been drowned.

The lake is in between Savgaon and Benakanhalli the search for the missing youths is currently in progress.


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  1. Very very sad news. Wish those Kids consulted their parents before moving out with vehicles for party and swimming in cold water lake.
    May god bless the departed souls to rest in peace and give their parents courage to absorb this tragic shock.


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