4 who drowned in Savgaon lake identified as school students

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The deceased have been identified as Sahil Benake – Benakanhalli, Chetan Gajanan Bhandurge –  Bhagya Nagar 5th Cross, Aman Singh –  Ganeshpur, Gautam Kalgahatgi  – Shahpur.  All aged 16 years from Good Shepherd School Belagavi. 

In a shocking incident, as many as 4 teens were drowned in Savgaon lake this afternoon while they had gone swimming.

There were two activa scooters parked near the lake with clothes and four pairs of shoes, the 4 pairs of shoes made the police say it could be 4 persons who could have been drowned.

The lake is in between Savgaon and Benakanhalli.


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  1. Weak laws and weak governance. Why don’t laws apply here? Why don’t govt make rules that ban vehicle ban for kids under 18 coz it’s not safe for them. They travel long and go near places like this and get drowned or get injured and incidents like this happens. Police fine people who drive without Helmets, mirrors and number plate but not the one who are driving it under 18? Poor stuff


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