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Kudachi-Miraj Electric Traction to be Live from 15 June

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It is notified for public information that the introduction of 25 KV AC Electric Traction will commence on 15 June 2024 for the Kudachi-Miraj section of the Indian Railway. In preparation for this, height gauges have been installed at all level crossings with a clear maximum height of 4.78 meters above road level. This measure aims to prevent excessively high loads from coming into contact with or dangerously close to the live traction wires, which will be positioned at a maximum height of 5.5 meters above rail level at the level crossings.

With this Entire Pune- Bengaluru Route will be electrified. Haripriya Express, Rani Chennamma Express will now get electric locos soon.

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The public is advised to observe the specified height limits when loading vehicles to ensure that loads do not exceed the height gauges under any circumstances. The dangers of loads exceeding this height include:

  1. Risk to the height gauge, causing potential obstructions to both the road and railway line.
  2. Damage to the materials or equipment being transported or to the vehicle itself.
  3. Risk of fire and danger to life due to contact with or proximity to the conductors.

Furthermore, notice is hereby given to all users of railway lines and premises situated on the completed section that the 25,000 volt 50 Hz AC overhead traction wires will be energized on or after the specified date. From this date onward, the overhead traction lines will be considered live at all times, and no unauthorized person should approach or work near these overhead lines.

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