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VanLoka: Revolutionizing School Transportation with Safety, Reliability, and Affordability

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VanLoka, the innovative product of BalaLoka Technologies Private Limited, is transforming the landscape of school transportation by offering a secure, cost-effective, and reliable platform for parents. Founded by Mr. Mallikarjun Karehonna and Mrs. Preeti Karehonna, VanLoka addresses the perennial issue of unsafe and expensive school commutes.

Recognized by Startup India and Startup Karnataka, and celebrated as the winner of prestigious pitch contests by Vigyan Manthan Foundation and Techceleration 2023, VanLoka is set to redefine how children travel to school. Through a subscription-based model, parents can book verified autorickshaws, minivans, and cabs, ensuring peace of mind with features like real-time GPS tracking and stringent driver and vehicle verifications. With a vision to provide safe transportation for 10 million children in India by 2030, VanLoka is dedicated to making school travel both seamless and secure.

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Speaking to AAB Mallikarjun Karehonna said, Solving the Problem of Unsafe privately operated School Transportation and Everyday children struggle commuting safely between one’s home to school due to shortage of established shuttle transport service. We have separate verification process for driver and vehicle. For the driver, we have set of verification documents like identity proof, address proof, and personal visit to the address. For the Vehicle, we have all government documents mandatory and physical verification of the vehicle to qualify for safety.

Mrs. Preeti Karehonna added VanLoka is a marketplace where partners can list the vehicles with price offerings. VanLoka is a subscription-based revenue model compared to commission-based competitors. We are enabling technology and Digitization of traditional private operating school transportation. We offer safety-verified autorickshaws, minivans, cabs for your children’s recurring everyday travel needs like School, Tuition and extra curriculum institute travel with best price offering.

Technology and Features

VanLoka uses mobile application-based GPS to ensure real-time tracking and safety of the children.

Track your child’s ride in real-time and receive live updates on their journey, giving you peace of mind throughout.

Customize your child’s pick-up and drop-off points to ensure a personalized, convenient ride experience

Easy search and book option. Secured payment gateway. In app communication with driver. Daily travel report. Emergency reach out. Customised notification system based on pin code, vehicle, school.

User Experience and Support

Easy and simple account creation process. Simple scan QR and book. Search and book for multiple children from different schools.

One click tracks and simple in app communication.

We have integrated Zoho complaint registration and tracking system, also we have dedicated customer contact numbers and emails to handle complaints.

Market and Expansion

We launched in Belagavi recently and working to acquire users and partners. We are targeting to reach a minimum of 5000 users by July 2024 in Belgaum region before we grow to different regions of Karnataka and India. Our Vision is to provide safe school transportation to 10 million children in India by 2030

We have integrated Zoho complaint registration and tracking system and one click contact customer in contact us page

VanLoka pricing model is based on market place listing and prices range is 1200 to 1800 based on the kilometres.

Parents can check fares online at

Partnerships and Collaborations

We are in discussion with 70 preschools and 25 schools in Belagavi. We understood that they have the pain of managing school transportation as well. We recently met 100 of drivers and vehicle unions in Belagavi to share our benefits to them a society. How the collaboration helps a win-win for everyone. Children’s Safety Comes First- Minimize Travel Safety Risk. VanLoka technology enables parent and partner friction reduction and building trust between them, Mrs. Preeti Karehonna said.

Techceleration 2023 Award Product Launch

Finally, we are going to introduce this model for office travels as well. We at Balaloka Technologies Private Limited believe technology and IOT are the future solutions to handle safety issues and crimes in school transportation. The future of school transportation will be decentralised from school management and control and core business for companies like VanLoka, Mallikarjun said.

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