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Quality Check of Pani Puri Begins: Samples of Water and Ingredients Collected; Precautions in Light of Rising Illnesses

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By uday

Quality checks for Pani Puri have commenced, with samples of water and ingredients being collected as a precautionary measure in light of the increasing number of illnesses. Dr. Jagadish, the District Health Officer of the Food Safety and Quality Authority, highlighted the importance of ensuring food safety given the rise in cases of gastroenteritis, cholera, jaundice, and typhoid due to changing weather conditions.

In response to this, food safety officers have been instructed to inspect and collect samples from Pani Puri vendors across the city and surrounding areas. Samples have been gathered and tested from various stalls, with vendors being issued notices and further actions pending based on the results. The public is advised to exercise caution when consuming street food to avoid falling ill.

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Dr. Jagadish stressed the significance of maintaining cleanliness and using safe ingredients, particularly water, to prevent waterborne diseases.

Inspections have uncovered instances of contaminated water and substandard ingredients being used by several vendors. Strict measures, such as fines and temporary closures, will be implemented against those who fail to adhere to safety standards.

Citizens are urged to report any unhygienic food practices they witness, as this collective effort aims to protect public health and ensure the availability of safe and high-quality street food.

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