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Kunda Nagri saw record sales of Kunda! What a sweet!dea Sir je

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The sweet shops in Kunda Nagri, Belgaum made record breaking sales in these times of recession. They made whopping sales of roughly 6000 kgs of Kunda alone during the 9 day session period. During the last session in 2006 hardly 2000 kgs were sold.


According to the figures given by the Belgaum Kunda manufactures association, the sweet shop owners have roughly sold kunda worth over Rs 10 lakh, within a span of just eight days, provided they charge around Rs 150-200 per kg. 


30% of the 6000 kgs of Kunda sold was Sugar free and new trend in sweets and also shows the health consciousness of the politicians or may be the after effects of Diabetes.


After kunda, kardant, another specialty of Belgaum (Gokak) made of jaggery, recorded extraordinary sales during the session. 


This time prominent politicians had placed orders   beforehand.

Source: TOI

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