Kutumb – Home for HIV infected children

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HIV is still a stigma in this part of the world. The brunt is borne more by the children as they are discriminated in school and public places. Needless to say the poorest among them suffer the most. kutumb-belagavi-1

With an aim to serve these children “SAIUJYAM” an NGO started ‘Kutumb’ where such children are identified with the help of various doctors, counsellors, freelancing social workers etc. Each case is studied by interacting with their parent/guardian and also with the child. Thereafter, their medical papers are scrutinized and then with the consent of all, deserving among them is taken into the care of ‘KUTUMB’.kutumb-belagavi

‘KUTUMB’ currently houses 13 children, 7 Girls and 6 boys. “Kutumb” provides children with decent and hygienic accommodation with all necessary amenities separately for girls and boys. A small play ground in the backyard wherein the children spend their time for recreational activities. Properly ventilated bedrooms have been provided with all necessary amenities including wardrobe to store clothes, books and other amenities.
Being HIV+ they have a weak immune system and are susceptible to life threatening diseases. To overcome this, the children are provided with a balanced nutritious food recommended by dietician as per the need of each child. In view of the fact that most of the children are under ART (Anti Retroviral Treatment) regime, they are also susceptible to immense side effects such as ulcers, frequent diarrhoea, vomiting and giddiness which needs to be subdued with various supplements and antidotes.
The in-house nurse, on the directions of the doctors, takes necessary steps to prevent opportunistic infections, ensures personal hygiene of each child and also maintains their medical reports. Every child who is of schooling age is admitted to a school and given proper education. “KUTUMB” is home for these children and they are treated like any other child in a normal home. They are assisted with homework and school assignments and also made computer literate here. Each child is made aware of his duties and responsibilities towards society, kindness to fellow human beings and respect to elders. In “KUTUMB”, each child is made aware that the other children living with them are their brothers & sisters. This enables them to enjoy love and companionship of a sibling.

The children are given a break from studies at least twice a year for rejuvenation and recreation. They are taken on educational tours to places of importance and provided an opportunity to visit historical places, zoos, museums and important landmarks in different cities.

One could also volunteer his/her time for ‘Kutumb’ for Creating awareness about blood donation / pledging of eyes etc, Teaching children Academic Subjects, Computer Education, Physical Fitness (Yoga / Exercise / Aerobics), Dance, Drama, Singing, Painting, Rangoli etc.

You to could Contribute a bit and make those kids happy.
Account Name: “SAIUJYAM”
Account No: 02541450000078
IFSC Code: HDFC0000254.
(All donations specified at (b), (c) and (d) above are eligible for tax exemptions under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961)


Address: No. 222/1A,Old Good Shed Road, Belagavi.
(Land mark – Deccan Hospital)
Telephone:0831-2478181 E-mail:[email protected]

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  1. Great Deed !!!
    May Allah Bless the Caretakers & all the Children with good health.
    Hope we Citizens (who have good Financial earnings) realize our responsibility
    in supporting the society, make a sincere contribution
    from the earnings and uplift the suffering people in the society.


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