Lack of coordination amongst authorities Khanapur road dug up by KUWSB


The road widening of the Kahanpur road which is under taken by the PWD is moving forward at a snails pace and to add to the woes of the commuters the Karnataka Urban Water Supply and Drainage Board has dug up the newly laid road and even broken the gutters to lay its pipes.
Sources said that the KUWSB has not even informed the PWD about this activity
and is digging the road after it has been laid.

khanapur road khanapur road khanapur roadThe earth-mover have even destroyed the new gutters which were made.
Yesterday after the rains a truck got stuck in the loose soil filled up by the
KUWSB after it laid the pipes.
So who is responsible for this ?

Cant the authorities work in co-ordination and save the tax payers money. Now the road has to be actually relaid but will it be done is the biggest question?


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  1. Real shame, are we paying tax for this work, this information should be shared to state and central dept so that they know how money is wasted because of these irresponsible people.

    There shld be a separate team to monitor such work and penalise such irresponsible dept.

  2. DEDUCT the Amount of Damaged area from their SALARY those who are RESPONSIBLE for this IRRESPONSIBLE work may be HIGHER OFFICERS also. So that next time they may REALISE their duty and work carefully and with proper RESPONSIBILITY. Even we can save public money also.


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