Lack of toilets for women in city – Minister says no complaint in writing


As the proceedings began today Smt. Jayamala Ramchandra raised the issue of lack of public toilets in the main city market area and in general in the Belagavi city.

There are not enough public toilets for women across the city. Secondly, if at all there is a public toilet, it is in a deplorable condition and unhygienic. With no toilets in the market areas, many women shoppers have a tough time and especially the tourists.


The leader of opposition hung on to this and added to the debate that, “Tourists face the biggest hurdle and people who are diabetic even more.”

Replying to the debate Urban development minister Sorake said that No complaint to these regards has come to the city corporation. Currently the city has 42 toilets. For functions there are 2 mobile toilets and 50 portable toilets in the city.

Also the members raised the issue of excess money being charged at the public toilet at Dharmveer Sambhaji Chowk.



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