Lady refuses to reward Aamir auto driver who returned her 1 lakh


What could be called as a script of a movie, Revathi the owner of Rs.1 lakh which she had forgotten in an auto of Aamir who then had agreed to reward him handsomely today in court while getting back her money alleged that police is unduly forcing her to part with her hard earned money to give away a reward to Aamir the auto driver who had returned the same to the police.

File photo after identification of the true owner.The said money was deposited in the court where today she refused to reward Aamir. 

We had made a story Owner of that 1 lakh left in auto found -Amir to be rewarded 25k, today Smt Revathi w/o Kaalingappa Hanumasagar r/o Kabbaragi village, Kustagi Taluk, Koppal District got her Rs.1 Lakh after the legal proceedings in the court. But surprisingly, she refused to live up to her promise of paying Aamir any reward money for his honesty. Instead, she has complained to the Honourable Judge that police is unduly forcing her to part with her hard earned money

We as a country have become monetarily rich but poorer on the scale of humanity & trust.


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  1. amir auto driver ki jai ho. There are honest people like Amir in Belgaum.Amir you have done your duty with clear mind thanks for that you have not asked any return whish is your wealth and good character.
    God will definately reward you. This is my wish for you. Keep on doing the good work like this and you will benefit from God.

  2. May be Shailesh is right.
    No one knows what the intentions of the lady are.
    But, kudos to AAMIR for his honesty.

  3. Aamir Bhai. ye zamana hi neki kar aur dariya men dal wala hai. nek kam ka sila Allah dega. Isi tarha nek kam karte raho .

  4. Do not do a good deed for a reward. It’s someones hard earned money and not yours that you found and returned it. By returning that money you have earned the respect of your family and your kids will be proud of you. You have made me proud.

  5. Go to police station, you will understand.
    In 25k auto driver ll get 1k, rest 24k police will eat, that’s how system works, I see the greed of police, anyone ll understand.
    Lady is cleaver, if she wants to reward the auto driver, police has nothing to do with it.
    It’s all police Drama to grab money….
    AAMIR तो दिल से AAMIR है…..
    He has done his duty selflessly, I dnt think he feels he should get rewarded….


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