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Lahmeyer project consultant for Belagavi Smart city ltd

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After all the hiccups the tenders for the appointment of the Project Management Consultant for Belagavi Smart city Limited Lahmeyer International India Private Limited who put in the lowest bid has been appointed as the Project Management Consultant for the SPV.

Belagavi mayor Sarita Patil skipped the first meeting of the special purpose vehicle (SPV) set up for the implementation of Smart City project held in Bengaluru on Monday due to personal reasons and she had conveyed the same to the authorities.

The objective of the Project Management Consultant’s (PMC) is to provide strategic & project management assistance to BSCL for ensuring timely completion of projects and achieving the outcomes outlined in the Smart City Proposal (SCP), based on the Smart City Mission Guidelines.

The Assignment is phased as 1. Design Phase and 2. Implementation Phase.

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