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Lakkappa Hanumannavar left school due to poverty but now clears UPSC with 688 Rank

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We have so many success stories of school dropouts being successful in life and here we have this inspirational story of Lakkappa Hanumannavar who secured 688 rank in the recent UPSC exams is an example of great grit and self inspiration.

Born in a family of farmers Lakkappa Uddappa Hanumannavar in a small village in Jaganur village in Chikkodi Taluka. They were able to somehow manage the house with another 2 brothers who were already working in the fields he too was forced to leave school to support his family. He worked as an agricultural laborer for two years and supported the family. His dreams of education were shattered. He left his own fields and started to cut sugarcane in others fields as it earned more wages.


Lakkappa-HanumannavarThe one acre land that the family used to sow was earning enough due to droughts and hence half acre was sold off. Now with half of the land available Lakkappa had ample time for him for studies and his father realized that he was more interested in studies hence asked him to join school again and complete his education.

His father also said you stay in Govt hostel which will give food and accommodation. After school he took up Science at Government PU college at Majalatti Village and then joined Agriculture university at Dharwad.

Last time he could not get a good rank in the UPSC exams but in his second attempt he secured 688th rank.

Congratulations to his hard work and thanks to his parents who gave him an opportunity to pursue his dream, and he has realized it now.


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  1. Congrats Lakkappa and his family. What a commitment to achieve his aim. Very hard work. God bless you . All the best.

  2. So grateful for your family because is important for education Anchorage your talent in your education growth always your attitude you are a very effort person you developed in your job and you can do your dream I congrats you


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