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Land to be acquired for Belagavi-Khanapur section from 12 villages

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4 laning of Belagavi-Khanapur section (km 0+000 to 30+000 of NH4A in the state of Karnataka on Hybrid Annuity Mode. 

Land Required 155.986(ha)                     Land Available 26.75(ha)

Land to be acquired 129.236(ha)            Land Acquired till now 0 (ha)

Land from the following villages will be acquired –
Desur, Zad -Shahapur, Halaga, Machche (CT), Ganebail, Nittur, Ankale, Hattar Gunji, Halakarni, Karambal, Khanapur (Rural), Macche, Belagavi, Madhavapura, Vadagaon, Shahapur, Angol, Majagaon

nh4a-newroad widening goa route
From 0.00 to 84.40 KM about 217.69 land would be acquired under the Belagavi division and the same land has been transferred to the NHAI.

All the farmers and landowners will be reimbursed as per the new Land acquisition law in force.
Dr. Kavita Yogappannavar Assistant Commissioner in a press note has clarified that some persons with malicious intent are spreading rumors that NH 4A widening will not happen and the route has been changed. People are hereby informed not to heed to such rumors, the note adds.

With respect to the WP No: 103375-103380/2015, the Hon High court has dismissed the same, the note added. 

Landowners have been requested to visit the NHAI office and submit their bank and other documents so that the compensation can be paid.

2 thoughts on “Land to be acquired for Belagavi-Khanapur section from 12 villages”

  1. If outer ring road will ever be built, then do take into consideration these following points.
    1) Make it four lane (two each way) with decent width median.
    2) Have elevated section throughout the length (for two wheelers, three wheelers and light passenger vehicles). Like they do in Japan, because fertile is valuable so is easing traffic problems.
    3) Start planting native fruit tree saplings as soon as levelling work is complete.
    4) Don’t give anything for free levy some nominal toll for every vehicle which passes though.
    Have Project Vision for Next 50 or 100 years like old British Engineers used to have.


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