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Build Amusement parks in Belgaum- letters to editor

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From Sanjiv Naik, Jhansi.


I am sending  the photos of   Aggarsain Park  at Jhansi  ,which  reminds of Jurassic era.


The sculptors   have   put  great   effort to   make  live the Jurassic  animals ( May be not as professional as the one abroad ) . I feel that such similar theme parks should be in belgaum.

With kind regards.


3 thoughts on “Build Amusement parks in Belgaum- letters to editor”

  1. The comments made by Ram are quite baseless .Belgaum has good civic ammenities and roads, However problems of potholes and poor civic ammenities are there in almost every Indian big & small cities.The government can levey nominal entry fees,which every indian citizen can afford.Such theme parks are there in many cities in india.

    I am a Belgaum fan ,However because of my Jod ,I am posted in Mozambique.I request the Editor to thoroughly scrutinise the contents of the letter before posting it on the Blog. It seems that Mr Ram has not visited nor is aware of the world around him.

    Wish you All the best for your Blog and hope that it becomes a prominent & famous blog in the country and the world.



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