Letters to the Editor: Big cinemas Big Mess!

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This is new series o this blog. Letters to the Editor.

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I receive a lot many mails, which are of importance in general and should be shared with all. In this regard, this is the first one.


Letter From: ~ Vineet

I being a true Hard Core Belgaumite (Staying @ Bangalore for my Work currently) have a Grievance.

 Actually I had been to Big Cinemas on Sunday Night (25/1/09) @ 9.15 pm Show for (Screen 2) watching my First Movie (Raaz-2) in the Brand New and beautiful Ad-labs Multiplex. My Seat number was K-3 (Gold Class 0118). IT was all good, for the first 15 mins or so. Then entered a bunch of guys (4 to 5) loaded with Alcohol. In addition, to my agony their seats were right next to me. They came in and kept shouting rubbish until they were in the Cinema Hall. They left the Cinema Hall in between only because one of those people puked in the Cinema Hall (may be seat number K-5).




I actually got out of my seat (k-3) and sat somewhere else when these people cut loose…. I went back to my seat only after those people left…. only to discover that one of these people had puked which the big cinema Helper/Employee told me.


 I strongly believe that the Big Cinema Authorities need to Make sure that they do not Issue tickets to Drunken People to stop this kind of incidents, which creates discomfort and inconvenience to other Audiences in the Hall, after all its a public place not a private theatre or Home. In addition, making the brand new seats in the Hall Dirty and unhygenic. 


If you have the Contact Number (Preferably Mobile Number) of the Big Cinema Authorities of Belgaum, please do send it across. I did not wait @ the theater after the movie Ended as it was 12.15 am already. I thought I would speak to the Authorities the next day but could not as I was traveling back to Bangalore.

This is some thing, which needs to be taken care of, so that it does not happen next time and create Nonsense in the Big Cinemas.


Disclaimer: These are letters received from readers, the Blog on a whole may not accept or say what is mentioned in the letter.

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor: Big cinemas Big Mess!”

  1. well its truly embarrassing when i see such dirty and cheap crowd…i truly understand this is the free country and every man has right to enter into multiplex of any status..but not the people who are drunk who are into “gunda giri” i have experienced once in big cinema. so do take care of it please the crowd must matter but not the wrong crowd or else u will loose the potential of customers coming to big cinemas so do take a strict actions on this issue…

  2. I spoke to the Manager of Big Cinemas, Belgaum on 31st Jan 09. He assured that the Big Cinema Authorities will take care that these kind of incidents will not get repeated again in the future.

    Uday Thanks! for Facilitating the Contact details of Big Cinema Authorities.


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