Pramod Muthalik of Shri Ram Sena arrested in Belgaum

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Shri Ram Sena chief Pramod Muthalik was arrested on Tuesday in Belgaum dumuthalikring a press meet.  


Pramod Muthalik was arrested for inciting communal violence by an inflammatory speech in Davanagere district in 2008. The case was pending for a long period. 


His group (Shri Ram Sena) was responsible for the monstrous attack and assault on women in a Manglaore pub on Saturday.


Source: IBN LIVE

2 thoughts on “Pramod Muthalik of Shri Ram Sena arrested in Belgaum”

  1. I guess Pramodh muthalik is Jr osama in the making.From the recent reports that has been let out regarding this animal proves that he is nothing less than a terrorist.He should be tried in a court as quickly as possible and punish him for the 40 and odd cases he is charged with before he grows in to a larger figure controlling whom will be a much more difficult task.Or maybe he should be treated the same way the 26/11 terrorists were treated,killed.Plus the whole *&%$#@ing sena must be banned and as Smt Renuka Chodhary has opined they should be punished,punishment being serving the society cleaning up manholes,cleaning up the city,and all the dreadful things that one could dare think about doing and the earnings should be given to charity or stuffs.Easier said than done but in a nutshell Muthalik and his monkey sena should never be let lose.The authorities should come down real strict on him and make sure such sena are not orn in the future.Jai hind.

    • if police and law protecting people do there duty than there is no need for people like pramod muthalik…… i all ways feel better to be on side of muthalik rather than on the side of useless corrupt state and central government…hindu in karnataka feel safe because of presence of people like muthalik….. whenever govt feels like pleasing minority both central and state govt arrest him and hide there misdeeds to people… jai hind


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